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EDITED: 4/19/2024
E-Mail Messages Sent Out to Base Members from the BC
The table below will be populated with E-Mail messages originated by the Base Commander (BC) and sent out to all Base Members using the BC's "All Base Members" mailing list. Although members need Internet access to reach this section of our website, it will nonetheless serve as a backup of sorts - for those e-mail messages which may not reach the In-Box of all members for one reason or another. The e-mail messages here are considered important enough by the BC to warrant this extra effort and they will first be converted to Adobe PDF format before being posted.

Please let the Base Commander know if you happen to discover e-mail messages here that you should have received in your e-mail Inbox, but did not. It may be possible to investigate issues with your e-mail/Internet service provider to learn why.

Click here to send an e-mail to Base Commander & Webmaster John Williams or send an email to
These documents were first sent out to all USSVB members as E-Mail messages and then converted to Adobe PDF format for posting here.
The BC considers them important enough to add here in addition to being sent by e-mail. They are posted here in date order and include the message subjects. Click on those messages you want to review and they will open in Adobe Reader in a separate window.
September 21, 2017USSVI 2018 Southeast Regional Conference
Attachments to the above e-mail messages
September 11, 2017
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