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EDITED: 6/9/2024
Over the years a number of individuals have donated books to our Base. The custody of this collection has changed hands several times to where during 2017 our Secretary, Bill Anderson, took responsibility for them.

Bill then took the initiative of not only conducting an inventory of these books, but also cataloging the collection by pairing images of the book covers along with their book jacket descriptions. That's quite a "Yeoman's effort" for a Fire Control Technician!!

In addition to this inventory and cataloging effort, he is making all Base Library books available to USSVB members. Simply decide which book you want to read from the two listings below (Fiction or Non-Fiction) and then scroll back up here to click on Bill's e-mail address to send him a message with your selection.

Bill will then bring that book with him to our next Base meeting for you to sign out. If you can't attend meetings, let Bill know and he might be able to make other arrangements with you.

Since Bill has cataloged the books in this library into two basic categories - FICTION and NON-FICTION - to make it easier to select your favorite genre - Simply Click here to jump to the Non-Fiction listing or Click here to jump to the Fiction listing.


(Please note that this is another 'work in progress' and the table below will be populated as our Webmaster posts the book cover images and book jacket descriptions that Bill has already provided - which happens to be everything in the entire library!! - GREAT job Bill)

The Story of the Glomar Challenger, the Ship That Unlocked the Secrets of the Oceans and Their Continents

 For decades American submarines have roamed the depths in a dangerous battle for information and advantage in missions known only to a select few. Now, after six years of research, those missions are told in Blind Man's Bluff, a magnificent achievement in investigative reporting. It reads like a spy thriller -- except everything in it is true. This is an epic of adventure, ingenuity, courage, and disaster beneath the sea, a story filled with unforgettable characters who engineered daring missions to tap the enemy's underwater communications cables and to shadow Soviet submarines. It is a story of heroes and spies, of bravery and tragedy.


Cold Is the Sea followed, in 1978, Edward L. Beach's extraordinarily successful first two novels, easily meeting their high standards. But unlike these earlier World War II novels, this book is set fifteen years after the war's end as the U.S. Navy converts its fleet of conventional submarines to nuclear-powered ships. The focus of the story is the USS Cushing, whose sixteen missile silos carry more explosive power than all the munitions used in both world wars. The Cushing is on a secret mission to the Arctic Ocean to determine whether her missiles are effective if fired from beneath the ice. When the submarine is incapacitated, with a suspicious Russian sub lurking in the vicinity, the scene is set for a dramatic thriller, rich in technical detail and submarine lore.  

Sifting through reams of seemingly unrelated intelligence, CIA analyst Katherine Rule discovers a chilling pattern: an ultrasecret Baltic submarine base ... a crafty Russian spy-master in command... a carefully planned invasion about to be launched from dark waters.
Her suspicions, however, are dismissed by those higher up; her theory, they say, is too crazy to be true. But to Katherine, it's just crazy enough to succeed--unless she can stop it. If she's right, an attack sub has already penetrated friendly waters. Worse yet, the enemy has penetrated deep into her own life, so deep she can touch him. And in this game, one wrong touch can mean Armageddon.

Lieutenant Nicholas Hamilton, DSO RN, is not a bad submarine commander. His extraordinary rescue of the captured British seaman from the prison ship Nordsee, his decisive elimination of the Vichy French submarine Gladiateur, and other special assignments known only to a few proved his mettle.  But he has an annoying tendency to act independently on patrol.  Posting Hamilton to the Far East seemed the perfect way to get him out of the waters of at least a half dozen annoyed flotilla commanders.

The H.M.S. Unseen is one of the most efficient, lethal submarines ever built. But suddenly, on a training mission off the English coast, it vanishes, baffling military intelligence on both sides of the Atlantic, including National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan. A missing weapon is dangerous enough. But then the unthinkable begins to happen....Planes begin blowing up across the skies.
Searching for answers, Morgan is convinced that only one man can be behind all these devastating events: his archenemy, the world's most cunning--yet reportedly dead--terrorist spy. Determined to stop his old nemesis, Morgan must use all his wits to find a madman armed with a powerful sub hidden somewhere in a million square miles of ocean. What Morgan doesn't know, however, is that the fanatical terrorist has a plan of his own, one that will bring these two intense warriors face-to-face--and only one will come out alive in one of the most chilling spy stories of the year.

1800s. Britain's Nelson leads Navy against Napoleon's France. Captain Jack Aubrey, newly promoted to old, slow HMS Sophie, is a brave and gifted seaman, his thirst for adventure and victory immense. Aided by friend and skilled ship surgeon Stephen Maturin, Aubrey and crew win clashes, finally hopelessly outmatched by a mighty Spanish frigate.

In a world where China has been split two nations -- Free China and Red China -- a Red Chinese naval commander captures six Japanese submarines as part of an agenda to annihilate its sister country. But he didn't count on an American Vice-Admiral learning of his treacherous plans. At first the U.S. Government is skeptical, only to bear witness to a direct attack by the Reds. Immediately the Vice-Admiral readies his Pacific fleet, with a secret submarine, to do battle in an all-out fight to bring peace to the world.
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